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La Vie en Or | Behind the Scenes

This year has passed by in a blur and December is full of even more excitement! Kismis Ink turns 3 yrs old, (may have toView full post »

Khaled’s Guest Vlog | Second Shooting| 30 Day Video Challenege- Day 22

Happy Sunday! I recently second-shot with a fellow photographer for the first time and it was a great experience. I&#View full post »

A Behind-the-Scenes Interview with Lauren of Every Last Detail | 30 day Vlog Challenge Day 20

I’m so excited about today’s vlog! Brides, grab something to drink, a pen and paper, you’re going toView full post »

Before Attending a Workshop | 30 day Vlog Challenge Day 14

This checklist is a MUST when considering investing in a business workshop:View full post »

Klout | 30 Day Vlog Challenge -Day 11

To say that creating a vlog daily is difficult…is a major understatement. I have so many ideas and topics I’View full post »

3 Women that Inspire me | 30 Day Vlog Challenge -Day 5

A few things I’ve learned from video blogging for five days straight: 1. I’m really, really not a morningView full post »

Apps for Success | 30-Day Vlog Challenge-Day 4

For today, I decided to try something a little different. This vlog will be especially beneficial for tablet, iPad orView full post »

30-day Vlog Challenge Day 3 | 7 Alternatives to Market Your Business Without Spending $$$!

For my third day of video blogging (did I already mention how time-consuming and difficult this is??) I decided to shootView full post »