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Family Adventures | The Poor Porker, Lakeland

Hero. As you read that word what images came to mind? A cape? Battle? Comic books? I see him: my husband and dedicatedView full post »

How are you?

I’ve heard this question thousands of times, I may have asked it even more than that. The generic response comesView full post »

A Wedding Anniversary Gift | From our Children

Khaled and I celebrate seven years of marriage this month and our children decided to celebrate with a creative idea.View full post »

Carissa|Hoola for Happiness

“Photograph a day in the life of someone I admire.” I wrote those words on my list of 35 ways I couldView full post »

Atlanta Treehouse Adventure | #35to35 Birthday Bucket List

The month of June was one of the most adventurous months of this year for me. If you’ve been following along my #View full post »

Dancing in the Rain | #35to35 | Birthday Countdown

It was pouring outside. I was in elementary school, but I still remember it vividly. I had been begging my dad all dayView full post »

35 to 35! | Birthday Countdown

As my 35th birthday approaches, I decided to celebrate the 35 days leading up to my birthday by highlighting how I loveView full post »

Your Sparkle lives on… |Remembering Kimberly Hendrix

I’ve allowed photos to speak for me over the years when the words just don’t pour out the way I’d likeView full post »