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Your Sparkle lives on… |Remembering Kimberly Hendrix

I’ve allowed photos to speak for me over the years when the words just don’t pour out the way I’d likeView full post »

The Best Christmas Gift | 2013 Family Annual Roadtrip

As everyone opened presents around the Christmas tree yesterday, I was overwhelmed with emotions. How blessed are we toView full post »

5 lists, 5 years | Happy 5th Wedding Anniversary

I’ve shared a little about our lovely wedding day on the blog before, so I thought it would be fun to put togetherView full post »

Maktub | Kismis Ink Rebrand Launch Week!

This is the most nail-biting, butterflies in my tummy, sleep deprived kind of week. The new Kismis Ink launches onView full post »

2013 Word of the Year | Kismis Ink Photography | Tampa Wedding Photographers

[quoteLeft]Allow yourself to transform like a butterfly, and let your true nature shine.[/quoteLeft] Establishing myView full post »

Our Wedding: Bold, Untraditional, and Everything Us

This week, Khaled and I are celebrating our 4th wedding anniversary…and it still feels like it was just yesterdayView full post »

Speaking Social Media & High Tea | ABC Luncheon at Crown Parlor

When Linda of Linda Marie Weddings & EventsĀ asked me to be a speaker at an upcoming ABC luncheon at the CrownView full post »

La Vie en Or | Behind the Scenes

This year has passed by in a blur and December is full of even more excitement! Kismis Ink turns 3 yrs old, (may have toView full post »