I hope everyone had a long & rest-filled weekend! I don’t know why, but I am excited, more than usual, to start off this week! Maybe it’s because technically Tuesday is my Monday and I feel like I cheated on a test and got away with it?! LOL! I love holiday weekends!
Since I am in such a great mood, I think I will start off with getting a few things off my chest! Firstly, I have to admit, I have neglected this beautiful and fresh, new blog! :( I haven’t even broken into the difference between blogger (our previous blog) and this new wordpress style. I have been so busy, that I have neglected blogging and postings of all the new things happening with Kismis Ink! And let me tell you, it’s alot!  But, I have promised myself to take it one step at a time and do what I can to get caught up and stick to some sort of schedule for blogging so it doesn’t get like this in the future! Let’s see if I can do it! Any suggestions would be highly appreciated!
Well, besides a lot of sneak peeks and news to post this week, I am really excited about how our summer model contest turned out! What started as a fun little idea, grew and was such a fun experience! We had 17 amazingly talented and beautiful individuals enter the contest! We enjoyed learning more about their passions, goals, and it was surreal seeing how loving friends, families, and supporters left comments and cheered on as the voting days continued! We are very excited to work with the winner, Eyleen Torres, on an upcoming collaborative project. It is going to rock this summer, so stay tuned for that!

If you follow our updates onfacebook, you might have seen a quick post on this last week, but as if the above wasn’t enough good news, Kismis Ink has virtually traveled across the map…to London that is! :-) And landed on one of my favorite blogs, Beyond Beyond!  Besides creating beautiful invitation cards, this lovely company also has a blog filled with inspiration and ideas related to weddings and engagements and they featured one of my recent E-sessions! You may recall Karen and Rick from a previous post. Their love knows no boundaries, and now is internationally acknowledged!  This is our first feature and we just can not express how EXCITED we are! Head over to Beyond Beyond and leave some love, pretty please?! And be sure to check some of the other wonderful posts and images on the blog, there is definitely plenty of eye candy over there! ♥

Karen and Rick tied the knot on May 8th and I will be posting some sneaks from their special day this week!