One of the reasons I heart being a photographer, is being able to have a creative vision and making it a reality. Add to that vision, a talented team and their visions-and you create magic! Eyleen, you may recall, was our Summer Model Contest 2010 winner and we were so excited to work with her and create a fun photoshoot with a unique concept! Sadly, we had to postpone the shoot due to Eyleen’s car accident a few weeks after the contest. Thankfully, Eyleen made a speedy recovery and as everything happens in God’s time, it was great finally getting everyone together to create these amazing results!

I can not say it enough, I absolutely love working with Bryan and Tracey from Tampa Wonderworks Films and Holy Nazario from Collective Creations! I can’t get enough of their awesomeness! You can see another example of  how much they rock, with our Fashion Rebel shoot! They are extremely talented and I feel blessed to not only have the opportunity to work with them, but to consider them our friends. Bryan came up with this shoot’s title, and I couldn’t have chosen a better one! I am at awe with how this shoot’s details all came together to create such an amazing piece. Holly’s attention to detail and fascinating hair and make-up styling (even at 6am!), Eyleen’s secret spot and favorite quotes, a few props and creative styling on our end, and Bryan’s incredible filming talent, just to name a few! We truly hope you enjoy these images and film as much as we did!

Hungryforlife from Tampa Wonderworks Films on Vimeo.