Sandy Puc and Jerry Ghionis are extremely talented individuals and it was a pure blessing to be in the same room with them. The energy, the great advice and experience they share is priceless. This event brought out many of my  dormant thoughts and ideas to light and motivated me to commit to them and see them through to fruition. Jerry helped me further understand the importance of genuinely connecting with your clients and he shared posing techniques to play up the beautiful and unique qualities of each individual. Sandy shared great marketing strategies and emphasized how important education and pricing correctly is for your business and for the entire photography industry. Sandy feels so strongly about education for photographers, that she has pledged to help 1000 photographers get certified!

I highly recommend catching these two gems at the next Power of Passion event! I had a great time and it was so much fun seeing lots of familiar faces and catching up with some local photogs from my area!

A huge THANK YOU to SMUGMUG for making this event happen for me! Candice, their marketing diva, was a tremendous highlight to my night! She has the most infectious laugh and I literally wanted to jump on the bus and tag along for what seems to be an unforgettable experience!

Cameras weren’t really allowed at the event, but I was able to snag a few photos with Candice, Jerry, and his amazingly-sweet (and did I mention, gorgeous) wife, Melissa! They were recently married, so be sure to check out Jerry’s blog for their out-of-this-world stunning wedding images!