Matt and Alison can inspire songwriters to easily write love songs…seriously. Five seconds with this couple and you can see how much Matt adores Alison and he’s one lucky guy because Alison, is head over heels for him. If this engagement session could be wrapped up in a few words, it would be lots-o-love, lots-o-laughter, and snake skin, say what?! Yes, more on that a little later (ugh, I shudder at the thought)!

I must note that Alison is one of the most detailed brides I know! She is all about the small details and I  It was wonderful to see how this gorgeous couple came up with ideas to incorporate in their shoot. Their genuine affection in front of our lens was magic and we feel humbly honored to have been able to capture those moments. I can’t begin to describe how amazing it feels when a couple trusts you to capture who they are and everything comes together perfectly in those moments to help you achieve that!

Saying that we are excited for Matt & Alison’s October wedding would be a huge understatement! I know with this couple’s attention to detail and confidence in making their special day uniquely their’s…it will be absolutely lovely!

Matt and Alison are also the winning couple from our Most Unique Proposal Contest last year! You can see their entry here and our (fun little attempt at stop-motion) announcement here.

Oh, and before I forget, about that snake skin, ugh…did you know that snakes climb up trees to shed their skin?! I definitely didn’t know that, until Matt kindly pointed that out to me as he pulled the skin off the tree next to us. Snake skin on a tree?! This city girl quickly had visions of snakes eating us alive and all I wanted to do was save my camera! It took every ounce of courage I had in my body not to run off screaming, although I probably screamed just a bit anyway.

Thanks for the adventurous day, Matt and Alison! See you soon (in the city)! ; )