I think the title ‘professional wedding photographer’ should be changed to ‘miracle worker just in the nick of time while being hit with every obstacle imaginable!’ Most of the time, I feel more like the latter! I read a very thought-provoking article last week on the “new wedding guest” and it truly helped me appreciate our individual creativity and uniqueness even more. Reading the article actually made me want to work harder! The knowledge (or challenge) that we offer our bride and groom (and their guests, family and friends) something that 50+ guests’ cameras can’t provide, brought me much excitement! Instead of seeing obstacles during a wedding as a burden, embracing these obstacles to develop our skills, experience, and to demonstrate our professionalism is one of the most rewarding choices.

Here’s a sneak peek of our gorgeous bride and groom this past weekend at the Marriott on Sand Key. Completely obstacle-free. The sneak peek, that is. You don’t see the not-so-perfect hotel lighting conditions, the busy and crowded elevators to the left and right of the couple, the hotel guests all around, staring and offering their sweet advice on how to capture the moment, the limited time we have to put the camera in the right settings for this creative shot and the time to take the shot because the groom is hungry, the bride is a bit uncomfortable in front of all these people, and people are impatiently waiting to pass by.

What you do see is that loving moment between the wedding couple, captured perfectly within seconds, despite any and all obstacles. I love being a wedding photographer, ahem, I mean, a ‘miracle worker just in the nick of time while being hit with every obstacle imaginable!’ : )