One of my favorite perks of living in Florida is the Summer weather almost year-round! Melissa & I shot these beautifully bold and feminine looks this past November and surprisingly, I never featured the shoot on our blog! Well, there’s no better time than the present to share, especially with Summer officially starting in just a few weeks! Holly Nazario of Collective Creations did Melissa’s gorgeous hair and make-up and I had the best assistant in the world that day-my daughter, Karina. Although, she’s never really volunteered again to hold reflectors, change lens, stand for hours in the hot sun, or ward off mosquitoes. Something tells me she likes helping out from the air-conditioned office instead. Either way, I love working with my little one!

This Summer is going to be an eventful one for Kismis Ink! We have unbelievably-great news that we’ll be sharing very soon, a new look, launching a much-needed intern search, a fun contest, and some new Kismis Ink goodies for our awesome clients! Stay updated with all the happenings on our Facebook and Twitter pages and if you just can’t wait to book your portrait session, engagement or wedding, contact us here!