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[quoteLeft]You can’t live life stressing about what others think, if you do, you’ll never truly live.[/quoteLeft]

I’m sure you’ve heard of destination weddings, but have you heard of destination senior sessions? Well, that’s exactly what Shannon did this month! She visited us from Maryland for a rockin’ outdoors senior session. Besides Cheerleading, listening to Barefoot Blue Jean Night by Jake Owen (Side Note: You can catch one of the first models we worked with almost 2 year ago, Lacey, in the video), watching The Notebook and getting her sugar fix with Sour Gummy Worms, this seventeen year old loves country settings!

We found the perfect location to shoot, but as mother nature likes to stir things up a bit, it was pouring the day of Shannon’s session. Since Shannon lives in Maryland, we knew, rain or shine, we could not reschedule the session. I was determined to make the most of what mother nature was offering! Thankfully, the rain calmed down to sprinkles and the foggy mist after the downpour actually became the perfect backdrop to many of the images. It was perfect.

Shannon may not know this, but I’m thinking about hiring her as my personal stylist…I loved every adorable piece that she wore to the shoot! We had a wonderful time getting to know this talented and independent young lady and we hope all her goals and dreams become realities very soon! Enjoy our favs from the day.

I just had to share one of Shannon’s favorite quotes to this post. Great advice, everyone should feel this way.