With 3,913,642 views, I’m sure you’ve seen this video before. But, I feel compelled to share this on our blog. Especially for my two kiddos to see at some time in their future. The guy’s hilarious and definitely has a point. In our generation, it seems the more we have, the more we want the more we feel that we deserve. For instance, I woke up this morning to my Facebook newsfeed cluttered with hundreds of negative comments concerning some changes the social media site made. Don’t get me wrong, I completely understand. I’m not too keen on unexpected changes either but the morning events definitely got me thinking. What if Facebook just shut down completely? I mean, it is free. What did we gripe about before Facebook or what medium did we use to voice out our frustrations? What if we weren’t allowed to voice out our opinions?

What are your thoughts?

When I came across this video this morning, it made me laugh hysterically but it also made me realize a lot of things that I take for granted. So, in the future if you’re sitting next to me on a plane, fair warning, I’ll probably yell out, “Oh my GOD, WOW!” as the plane takes off. ;)