Jessica and Jessie met 6 years ago while out with mutual friends but didn’t see each other again until years later when they walked down the aisle together…as best man and maid of honor for his brother’s wedding, that is. Destiny and their friends played an important role in these two lovebirds finally hitting it off and they have been inseparable ever since! Jessie adores everything about Jessica, including her 20 different laughs and how he can annoy her by interrupting when she’s in mid-sentence. On the other hand, Jessica loves teasing Jessie about being much more older and wiser then him, since she’s a whopping 2 years older, oh my! Spend a few minutes with these two and you’ll soon figure out that they are not only head over heels in love, but destined for each other.

Due to Jessie’s obligations in the Air Force, their December wedding had to be moved up to October just a few weeks ago. It warms my heart to see how Jessica and Jessie work together to stay positive and plan their special day. I know with their loving family and friends and their amazing attention to details, Jessica and Jessie’s wedding is going to be a beautiful celebration of their love. We are honored and can’t wait to be there to document every moment!

We had such a great time getting to know Jessica and Jessie a little more and capturing their engagement images at the stunning Bok Tower Gardens this month. Here are a few of our favs!