[quoteLeft]In the New Year, may your right hand always be stretched out in friendship, and never in want.― Irish toast[/quoteLeft]

How are you celebrating the last 24 hours of 2011? Whether it’s spending time with family and friends, working, traveling, partying, and/or tying up lose ends to make room for 2012, we wish you the best New Year’s Eve yet! May the new year bring much happiness and success!

There are no words to describe how blessed we’ve been this year. We are grateful for our client’s trusting us with their most precious memories, the wonderful and talented vendors we’ve had the pleasure to work with, the mind-blowing supportive online community, those that have believed in our talents and opened windows for amazing opportunities and the cherished friendships we’ve made.

We have chosen 2012 to be a year for us to focus on what matters most, be disciplined in our actions, grow our business in unimaginable ways, give back and find ways to make a difference.

This evening, as we countdown the hours, minutes, and seconds to a new year, we will reflect on what we could have done better this year, where there is room for improvement, and build on these reflections for a stronger vision for 2012!

As for our kiddos, Karina and Jared, they’ve already got a head start on the celebration!