How can it be that we’re three months into the year when it feels like just yesterday we were ringing in the first day of 2012?! I’m making a mental note as I write this blog post to I feel like I haven’t been truly able to enjoy each day this year as it rushes past me because my mind is programmed on what’s next. This month I will constantly remind myself to feel/experience what’s now.

I’ve always had a soft spot for March. It kicks off the spring fever and paves the way for much success. This month, Khaled and I celebrate our 3rd wedding anniversary and our 5th year of being a couple. I’m so thankful for our beautiful marriage and my husband that’s so good to me and our family. Looking forward to many, many years of celebrating our unity. I really couldn’t have asked for a better month to celebrate our love. There are so many things I love about March including the gorgeous weather, vivid colors, new life and feelings of hope that spring brings, and daylight saving time (yes, I know we lose an hour of sleep, but that extra time in the sun is well-worth it to me).

This March is going to be the best yet. We have an Orlando mini-getaway planned with our best friends, an opportunity to meet and learn from Jasmine Star at The Fix in one of my favorite cities, our new website launch and (drum roll please)…the much-anticipated Hunger Games movie premiere (if you haven’t read the trilogy yet, you have 22 days to do…I suggest you get to it asap)! I may not sleep at all this month, but I plan to enjoy it to the max!

What are you looking forward to this month? Share in the comments below, happy 1st day of March!