In a few short weeks, Avani and Ripul will be celebrating one of the most important days of their lives. To say that we’re excited for their upcoming wedding this April is definitely an understatement. Avani has painstakingly selected an amazing team of vendors and together they’ll be bringing this couple’s unique vision to fruition. We’re anxious to document every last detail and unforgettable emotion!

Recently, we had the opportunity to spend some time and get to know a little more about this sweet couple for their engagement session. Being that Avani is an interior designer and Ripul is a neurosurgeon we knew that MOSI (with it’s amazing architecture and areas dedicated to the brain/science) would be a perfect place to start their session.

A huge thank you to Jeannette and staff at MOSI for allowing us exclusive access to the breathtaking dome area and creating a wonderful experience for Avani and Ripul-they had a wonderful time!

We had lots of fun and many laughs with Avani and Ripul, even when Avani’s car keys ‘somehow’ got locked in their trunk. ;) It was an adventurous time to say the least and we hope you enjoy some of our favorite images from that day.