Happy Saturday! I’ve decided to end the month by participating in a fun challenge. I’ve been wanting to try video blogging out for over a year now but kept putting the idea to the side. A fellow photographer, Tim King posted this 30 Day Vlog Challenge this week and it came at the perfect time. For the next 29 days, I’ll be vlogging daily. Now, it won’t be a daily diary or journal, it’ll actually be filled with content that I feel can help and/or inspire YOU.

Kismis Ink’s celebrating reaching 5,000 likes on our Facebook Page this week. So for my first vlog, I decided to share 3 steps that have helped me build up my Facebook business page and create a bigger following.

Please share your thoughts and shoot me some questions you’d like me to answer in my future vlogs!

Day 1- 3 Steps to Help You Gain More Fans on Facebook