Supportive words of encouragement and sweet compliments on our work come to mind when I think of how I met Jennifer. You see, Jennifer has been a loyal fan of our Facebook page since early 2010. She’s seen us grow as photographers, as a business, and has been an awesome supporter! It was such an honor when she told us years ago we’d be her ‘forever photographers’! :)

When the fates aligned and she booked her family session a few months ago, there was an extra pinch of excitement knowing we’d finally be able to meet one of our first fans in-the-flesh! Meeting and photographing Jennifer and her beautiful family was such a treat. Her two precious angels, Carlos and Sophia, are the most lovable little duo we’ve set our eyes on!

Jennifer’s family emits such a contagious love and they are so adorably happy together that we could have photographed their sweet moments together for days. These images captured are sure to make your heart smile.

Thank you Jennifer for sharing your family and time with us. It was an unforgettable adventure! We enjoyed creating these pretty memories with you and we are blessed with your wonderful friendship.