Ripul’s Pithi and Mandvo ceremony was such a unique experience. We met Ripul’s parents and documented their family and friends as they prepared for Avani and Ripul’s upcoming wedding day. (To see Avani and Ripul’s wedding celebration, click on Part I and Part II.)

As a tradition, the Pithi ceremony occurs before the wedding day and entails rubbing a paste, usually made out of chickpea flour, tumeric, rose water and other ingredients on the groom’s skin. It was so much fun seeing Ripul’s aunts, uncles, and children rubbing the paste all over Ripul- along with documenting the other special events of the day.

We thank Ripul’s family, especially his parents, Rajen and Sneha; Ripul’s brother, Nikul, and wife, Anu and their sweet children for allowing us to be part of their special day.

Vendors (aka: Avani & Ripul’s wedding day dream team)
Venue: Hilton Westshore
Hilton catering and coordinator: Camille Lunt
Poojari: Jagdish Maharaj