While putting together this wedding feature, the first one of 2013, I couldn’t help but feel incredibly blessed. As a wedding photographer, I have the privilege time and time again to document all the unique details and emotions that make a couple’s wedding day exclusively their own. Throughout the year, I see love portrayed in so many beautiful ways and admittedly, each time I feel that it just can’t get any better. As I selected images for Chris and Vanessa’s feature, I was reminded of their sweet love and felt like I was reliving their wonderful wedding day. Vanessa, a DIY bride, painstakingly created many of her gorgeous wedding details, including her stunning wedding bouquet. With Chris being a photographer and Vanessa a librarian, you can imagine the attention to detail. Their vintage shabby chic elements along with sapphire, light blue and silver accents made Chris and Vanessa’s wedding day the perfect setting for a romantic novel.

It was definitely a challenge to narrow down from all their pretty images for this feature, but here are some of our favorite captures from their day!

You can also see their engagement session and visit Vanessa’s Pretty and Sparkly Things etsy shop. Enjoy!