When Linda of Linda Marie Weddings & Events asked me to be a speaker at an upcoming ABC luncheon at the Crown Parlor, I was flattered, but at the same time my palms got sweaty and I thought I’d pass out. You see, years ago I had my heart set on becoming a broadcast journalist. That was until I received a letter stating that it was not in my best interest to pursue that career path due to my hispanic vowel distortion. What do you mean 2 and 1/2 isn’t pronounced tunahaf?!  Add to that the excessive amount of hand movement that I use while I talk (I think I missed my calling to be an air traffic controller) and it could get pretty crazy! However, the thought of sharing valuable insights on Twitter and social media (one of my favorite topics) and inspiring other small business owners surpassed any silly fears that I had. The delicious food, (endless tea, tea sandwiches, scones, cakes and desserts served on fine bone china with individual multi-level tier) sweet crowd, and charming European-esque tea room added up to a fun, unforgettable experience.

A HUGE thanks to Linda, the wonderful members of ABC and Mac & Vicky of Crown Parlor for the wonderful opportunity and great time! And a very special thank you to my hubby, Khaled, for capturing some snapshots of the day and putting together this highlight video.

Bonus points to whoever can guess how many times I moved my hands while speaking that day!