2013 has offered some fun speaking opportunities, and I’m beyond grateful for the wonderful people that have invited me to share some insights on one of my favorite topics- social media. When Shay and Ashlee asked me to be a guest speaker at their first Business and Branding Essentials workshop for photographers (and any business owner) in Tampa, I was thrilled! I planned on sharing essentials and key strategies on how to use social media the right way, tips on engaging the audience, and boosting a business’s online PR. I was so pumped on sharing as much knowledge as I could and helping business owners utilize social media tools in the best way, that I never imagined to gain even more than I had to offer. I met an inspiring group of entrepreneurs with BIG goals and passion. I walked away feeling inspired, having some major decisions I’ve made reconfirmed, getting re-introduced to myself, and creating 5 6 major action steps to keep me on track on my goals this year.

I can’t thank Shay and Ashlee enough for letting me be a part of such an amazing experience. As Shay mentioned during the workshop, I also wish this workshop existed when I first started my business! However, I’ve learned along the way, that it’s all in God’s time.

A HUGE thanks to the group, for being so warm and inviting! Shay, Ashlee, Katie, Amy, Ben, Shem, Dani, Lauren, Sheyla, and Brianna, I know 2013 has tremendous blessings in store, stay focused and don’t give up on your dreams (and keep those hashtags, @, and bit.lys spreading your news)! ;)

Carolina and Shem, thank you for providing your beautiful space for the workshop. It was perfection!

Thanks to these pretty cool sponsors: Kelly Moore Clark, WHCC , Every Last Detail, Chic Sweets, and Katelyn Brooke Designs.

Khaled passed by and grabbed some behind the scenes and created this lovely highlight video below (I thanked him in XO’s).


Speaking Social Media at Essentials Workshop from Kismis Ink Photography on Vimeo.

Thanks Shem for grabbing these images behind the scenes:

LOVE these gals! So proud of them!

Do you notice how I’m trying to restrain my hands?! I didn’t do such a good job on keeping them in check as you may have noticed in the highlight video, ha!

Some Instagram iPhone shots I grabbed throughout the day: