Their love story is the epitome of serendipity; and  begins in December 2007 with a soccer scarf on a chair at a bar in midtown Manhattan.

As Will described in our questionnaire, he “was instantly smitten by Andrea’s confidence, sharp wit and smile. Ignoring conventional wisdom, he asked Andrea out that same night, in an e-mail sent at 2:40 a.m. After the holidays, they met up at the Museum of the City of New York and got along well … but the timing wasn’t right. They quickly fell out of touch.

Six months later, they randomly encountered each other among the 78,680 other people filling the New Meadowlands Stadium for a friendly match between the USA and Argentina. Will bought Andrea a beer and chatted with her for 15 minutes before rejoining his friends in the upper deck… but the timing wasn’t right.

Two years and one month after that, on July 10, 2010, they randomly encountered each other among 16,239 at Red Bull Arena, the place Will had recommended (way back in 2007) that Andrea go when the stadium was completed.

Will had just gotten back from 24 days in South Africa, promoting MLS to media covering the World Cup. This time, the timing was just right…”

We had the honor of spending some time with Andrea and Will while they visited Florida last month. They endured summer’s grueling heat and humidity- still managing to look stunning and have fun in front of our camera. Collective Creations did a fabulous job on Andrea’s hair and makeup. Khaled and I can’t wait to document their upcoming wedding day at the stylish Postcard Inn.

Here’s a few of our many favorites from their Ybor city session:

That one time our groom-to-be convinces a man on the 2nd floor of a building on 7th avenue to let us come upstairs and use his private balcony for some romantic portraits!