Making us laugh until our stomachs hurt- that’s pretty much the definition of Jasmin and Hameed. After hearing that yes, they also love Chipotle just as much as we do, and that Jasmin is as obsessed (if not more) with Pinterest as I am, I could tell we were a match made in heaven. As if to further prove this point, Jasmin’s first email contained one of the most thrilling, warm-fuzzy inducing sentences I’ve ever read: “…what are the chances that I’d find something I love on Pinterest, happen to go to their website to see more design pics, love the images and find that you’re located in Tampa? It must be meant to be!

Yes, Jasmin, we totally agree. :)

I’ve unmercifully teased Hameed with being our “groom of the year”, but after hearing how planned, detailed, and romantic his proposal was, I’m sure you’ll agree how deserving he is of the title!

Hameed had Jasmin adventuring through all sorts of different spots throughout Lakeland, including Britts Cafe (a little breakfast spot they frequent), a dance studio where Hameed setup a private lesson for them (swoon!), the fountain, and Hollis Gardens–  the final spot where he proposed! Of course, no other place in the world would be better suited for their engagement session! Let me just say that I am completely obsessed with Jasmin’s gorgeous sari and their adorable custom designed Toms shoes. We had so much fun hanging out with these lovebirds, but I have to say that my favorite part of the session had to be when, in a spontaneous turn of events, they decided to cool off from the hot Florida summer sun for a few seconds…in the fountain!

Their fun, romantic shoot left us anxious for their wedding next year, but for now, enjoy a few of our favorites from their session.