This is the most nail-biting, butterflies in my tummy, sleep deprived kind of week. The new Kismis Ink launches on Valentine’s Day. This has been in the works for over a year. As a matter of fact, it’s been in the works since the day Kismis Ink started…and maybe even before that.

If you received our inaugural monthly newsletter, (if you haven’t, sign up here– you still have time to see the first edition) you caught a peek at the new brand and got to know a little more about why we do what we do.

Below is a peek at some of the content from our newsletter and a preview of what’s in store for our official launch!

I have a thing for words- especially ones that speak to my soul. When I first came across the Arabic word, maktub, in one of my all time favorite books, The Alchemist, it left me speechless. It’s meaning, “it is destined, it is written,” not only embodies Kismis Ink, but every love story as well- including my own.

You’ll be seeing this word again sooner than you think, so keep your eyes open! ;)

(adj.) It means ‘it is written’ or ‘everything is written’ in Arabic. This is thought to mean that everything that occurs has been already written by God.
pronounciation | mak-tube[/quoteLeft]