I’ve shared a little about our lovely wedding day on the blog before, so I thought it would be fun to put together 5 lists in honor of my husband, Khaled, on our 5th wedding anniversary today.

5 things you’ve taught me during the last five years as husband and wife:

1. There’s more power in silence than 1000 words sometimes.
2. Patience and dedication are two priceless qualities in life.
3. True love doesn’t look like fairy tales, but it sure does feel like it.
4. The true meaning of my favorite arabic word, Maktub.
5. “Don’t sacrifice what you want most for what you want at the moment.”

5 things I love to hate about you:

1. The way you mess up every drive-thru order.
2. Your teeth grinding during the night.
3. Your favorite sleep position is horizontal indian style. Who sleeps like that?!
4. How you never ever argue with me- no matter how hard I try to provoke you.
5. How your wardrobe is prehistoric because you’d much rather spend money on your wife and family.

5 things I want to do together before we die:

1. Travel the world.
2. Master salsa dancing.
3. Visit Saudi Arabia.
4. Shoot a wedding together in Dubai.
5. Attend a Holi festival

5 ways you make every day better

1. Leaving a trail of your cologne in the bathroom every morning.
2. Listening to my crazy ideas, and going along with them anyway.
3. Never forgetting to kiss me goodbye- except for that one time.
4. Sending me motivational text messages randomly.
5.  Helping me remember to never take for granted the days we share together.

5 things you did that made me fall in love with you:

1. Laugh at my jokes.
2. Put me first.
3. See past what the world thinks, and see me for who I truly am.
4. Never judge me.
5. Being my best friend.

Here’s to 70 years left of the contract and beyond, Mr. Mosli.