The last time Khaled and I saw Morgan and John, we delivered their gorgeous wedding album. Morgan was glowing and I couldn’t help but get sentimental when I saw her baby bump. I remember coming home that night feeling grateful for our clients and their trust.

Photography has always been an intimate art to me. It’s a form of intimacy just as powerful as physical touch- as powerful as a fingerprint. Lasting, diverse, unique to each person- those are all components of a fingerprint, and the truest description of the Kismis Ink Photography experience.

Everyone we’ve met through Kismis Ink has left their fingerprints on our lives- and with our art, ours become a part of theirs.

On Sunday, we spent the afternoon with Morgan, John, and their precious newborn, Zoey. In those short hours together, Zoey reminded me of how important it is to be patient and savor each moment. It was beautiful to experience Morgan and John as new parents and seeing the way their eyes lit up with love and happiness for their sweet baby.

Here’s a peek from Zoey’s session- I can’t wait to share the rest soon.