Carolina and Adam’s love story spans around 13 years and is the kind you see in a movie or read in a book. They were both young when they met at a teen club on a cruise; after escaping from the loud music together, they found themselves walking on the ship, and sharing their first kiss. After that, Carolina went back to the Dominican Republic and Spain to pursue her education and become a doctor while Adam went back to the U.S. to become a lawyer. Their relationship consisted of multiple emails and video calls which became more and more infrequent as time passed…until, one day, Adam decided to visit DR and they reconnected. She waited for him at the airport, and when he saw her, all he could think was (in his own words): “The video chat does not do her justice!”  They continued to visit each other, traveling and creating unforgettable memories together. Fast forward some time later, and Carolina wakes up to find Adam has laid out several clues for her throughout the day, and at the end of her journey happy tears are shed and a proposal is made.

One year later and their destination wedding at the EAU West Palm Beach Resort has arrived. Their pre-wedding session on the day of their welcome party was so fun and gave us an opportunity to get to know this incredibly sweet couple and experience many laughs together. We will never forget how Carolina and Adam decided to jump in the pool after their welcome party! Talk about a bold Kismis Ink couple.

Carolina and Adam’s outdoor evening ceremony was such a special part of the wedding – the chuppah was elegant, and the emotions and love of their friends and family filled the air. Their ballroom reception was breathtaking; one of my favorite details were the striking floral centerpieces.

We loved working with such a dream team of vendors: Santo Domingo based Di Fiore Events made the wedding look absolutely gorgeous, and Miguel and his team of Miguel Pichardo Films stole the show at the end of the night with his same-day video! Khaled and I were teary-eyed and so thankful to have been a part of such a special weekend.

Carolina and Adam, we’re in love with your love story, may it continue to grow forever. Thanks to you both and your families for welcoming us and trusting our vision with your precious memories.

I’ve never read more moving words, than Adam describing what Carolina means to him, “In some ways, she was and continues to be my motivation to get through the mundane moments of everyday life….”

Enjoy some of our favorite captures from their incredible celebration of love: