As my 35th birthday approaches, I decided to celebrate the 35 days leading up to my birthday by highlighting how I love to live life: boldly and inspiring. I’ve compiled a list of 35 adventures- some big, some small- to complete before June 24th. I’m excited to see where this journey will take me and the experiences that await!

As an entrepreneur, I’ve often wondered how to balance inspiration and discipline in my personal and business life, and this experience is the perfect opportunity to explore creative ways to find that balance.

I was born to create. My life is my canvas and I want to produce bold art; the kind that makes people feel an innate wanderlust to know their world and experience it’s beauty. I’ve planned out the next 35 days for the new experiences I’ve always craved, to conquer my fears, and a creative way to celebrate my life and passions.

Let’s embark on this journey together- use the hashtag #35to35 to cheer me on, follow along and countdown to the celebration!

1. In one day, photograph 35 random people that have one thing in common.
2. Create a personal gallery wall of memories in our home.
3. Start a day with morning prayer at the beach.
4. Leave an inspiring note inside one of my favorite books at a library.
5. Write a letter to my 70 yr old self.
6. Do something wild with my hair color.
7. Book my own boudoir session.
8. Sleep in a treehouse.
9. Spend a day visiting friends that I haven’t seen in a while.
10. Dance in the rain.
11. Attend a cooking class.
12. Relive a day of my childhood: schedule an entire day to be in pjs and watch cartoons
13. Next restaurant visit, match the waiter/waitress’s tip to our total check.
14. Watch the sunrise…in an unusual spot.
15. Shadow 3 entrepreneurs that are outside of photography
16. Try Aerial Yoga.
17. Read 4 books I’ve never found time to read.
18. Have henna art done by one of my favorite artists.
19. Have a family color bomb fight
20. Photograph a day in the life of a person that I admire
21. Hand deliver a bouquet of flowers to the most impactful people in my life.
22. Spend 24 hours in a random state/city
23. Create a set of limited edition Kismis Ink prints
24. Volunteer as a mentor for a child
25. Order dessert before dinner at a restaurant
26. Take a day off work and spend it at a spa with my mom
27. See my first Broadway play in NYC
28. Master meditation
29. Get started on one of my personal photography projects
30. Interview my parents, children, and spouse and archive the interviews at the American Folklife Center at the Library of Congress.
31. Make a memory book for my niece, Alessi
32. Host a girlfriend’s only sleepover…teen style
33. Family “Chopped” cooking competition (idea inspired by my friend, Elle)
34. Create an art piece with my favorite 5 bible verses
35. Leaving this last one up to YOU! Tell me below, what’s the last thing I should do before I turn 35?