The first time I met Harlow Ocean, she was perfectly swaddled and blissfully sleeping next to Alicia and Pat in the hospital room. Just a day old and you couldn’t help but notice her big, beautiful, curious eyes.  We’ve been documenting her precious moments ever since and it’s been such a blessing to see this little one grow and experience the world around her.

Harlow is one of the happiest, most playful babies. She greets me with her contagious smile and extends her hand to touch my face; it melts my heart every time. She loves to explore and adventure, and her attempts to communicate never fail to make all of us giggle.

There are so many firsts and moments that babies experience as they grow and I knew in my heart for a while that it would be a magical experience to document a day in the life of a baby, to freeze a few daily moments that we often overlook and treasure those quickly fleeting moments for many years to come. This session would be extremely different than any other portrait session. It would be more intimate, as I’d be spending the day in the home from dawn to dusk. Additionally, it would include unpredictable elements and the style would be more candid and photojournalistic, as I’d be capturing moments as they happened.

What I didn’t expect was the delightful emotional connection that would result from this experience. From bath time to naps to play time, I had the pleasure of capturing a day in the life of Harlow. I was fascinated with her little world- her habit of exploring the bottom of every toy or plate, how she doesn’t like the texture of bananas, her big smile that greeted her mommy when she awoke from her nap, and the moment that her daddy walked in from work as she was done with bath time and how her priceless surprised face made us all laugh. My favorite would have to be how she attempted to munch on a book titled “Munch” during story time.

Alicia and Pat, I know Harlow’s life will continue to be full of blessings, laughter, and smiles. Enjoy these lovely moments from Harlow’s session below: