It was pouring outside. I was in elementary school, but I still remember it vividly. I had been begging my dad all day to go and play in the rain, and finally, he gave in. The rain instantly hit my face as a wave of excitement consumed me. The experience lasted a few minutes but was engraved in my memory forever. I had never felt as care-free than that moment…and then I grew up. My schedule got full, life got busy, and the moments that called for dancing in the rain were celebrated in different, dare I say, unimaginative ways. Why?

Why should “growing up” mean losing touch with the unfiltered, curious ways of our childhood? As I inch closer to my birthday next month, I realize that what I have always loved about myself is my insatiable curiosity and zest for an adventurous life. Going out into the rain and dancing once again reminded me that my curiosity is something I never want to lose. Everything about me will age with time, but my soul is eternally young.

I’ve planned out the next 35 days for new experiences I’ve always craved, to conquer my fears, and a creative way to celebrate my life and passions. (you can read my list here)

Let’s embark on this journey together- use the hashtag #35to35 to cheer me on, follow along and countdown to the celebration!