If you’ve been following along, I’m on a 35 day celebration of life leading up to my birthday. I’ve planned out the days for new experiences, conquering my fears, and a creative way to celebrate my life and passions (you can read more of what’s on my list here).

Yoga has always appealed to me, although I had never found the courage to learn. Meditation itself has always seemed a bit daunting, as I’m naturally hyper and my mind often has hundreds of thoughts at any given time. After seeing many inspiring photos of yogis pop up on my feed, (i.e. fellow photographer, Ross Knight – his yoga poses with different sceneries are so refreshing)  I was determined to give it a try.

As I researched and curated my #35to35 list, I came across aerial yoga. From the vivid colors to the artistic poses, I was immediately infatuated. Tracking down a yoga studio that offered aerial yoga (also called swing class) was a challenge; however, Yoga Downtown Tampa made my day when I realized they offered workshops on aerial practice.

After just an hour workshop, I’m amazed at how much I learned about my body, both physically and emotionally. Additionally, I came across some challenges I didn’t expect, including dizziness (I assume it was a result from being upside down for the majority of the workshop) and the fabric rubbed against my stomach and hands causing some aches for a few days that followed. I plan to return for more and in the meantime, continue to work on my upper arm strength, practicing getting quiet from the inside out and my core strength.

The greatest surprise was that although I expected to struggle more, as I had no prior experience with the fabrics, it was pretty easy to control the fabric and I was even able to manage to stand straight up (upside down). Khaled was able to snap a few shots towards the end of the session, and I included some iPhone snaps as well below.

Tell me, have you tried ariel yoga? Share any tips below!