I’ve heard this question thousands of times, I may have asked it even more than that. The generic response comes out faster than you’ve allowed yourself to think, almost as a reflex, “Great. How about you?” It’s become so easy to skip the internal search for an authentic answer to that loaded question, that we pacify it with a universal response. We create so many filters to help us in our quest for perfection, to “protect” our vulnerability, that we start to filter even our thoughts.

As I read a chapter from Lara Casey’s, Make it Happen, this morning, I came across the question again. “How are you?” I stared at the page for a few minutes, frozen. “How am I…truly?” I realized that I haven’t answered that question, genuinely, in years. It almost seems foreign to me. To answer that question in all honesty, would mean that you or the person asking may not like or understand the response. Most likely, you’ll both be uncomfortable.

What’s wrong with that? When did being imperfect, needing each other, being a community with a shoulder to cry on or a helping hand, become something that we have to “work on”? So, I’ve decided to answer that question below and my hope is that you’ll answer it as well.

In all honesty, this is how I am this morning, no filters.

  • I’m messy. The hair. The bed. Everything. Being a work in progress doesn’t always look pretty.
  • I’m disappointed. I’m kicking myself today for failing, missing opportunities, and sleeping in.
  • I’m overwhelmed. Being a mom is hard. Running a successful business takes massive amounts of dedication and work. I’m not doing it all right.
  • I’m fearless. That doesn’t mean there is an absence of fear in my life, it just means my courage is greater than my fear.
  • I’m procrastinating. There are so many areas of my life and business that need attention, that this morning I’m paralyzed with where to start first.
  • I’m thankful. For God’s grace and his unlimited love. For my family, friends, business, and life. I wouldn’t change any of it.
  • I’m prayerful. Prayer is my lifeline. It helps me sort through all of the above and gives me the strength, even if it’s just to take the next step.
  • I’m imperfect. And that’s OK. (For the next 2 days I’m participating in #theimperfectboss movement on Instagram. Check out Ash’s blog for more details.)

Now…it’s your turn.