Hero. As you read that word what images came to mind? A cape? Battle? Comic books?

I see him: my husband and dedicated father to our three children. He is willing and ready each and every day to put our needs before his own. Today, and everyday I’m grateful for his efforts, love, and dedication.

A few weeks ago, we decided to spend a family day (along with our daughter’s friend) adventuring through Lakeland and ended up at the coolest spot, the Poor Porker. There’s nothing better than eating delicious beignets surrounded by people you love and care about! Other than finding a new favorite spot and filling our bellies with some yumminess, the day was no different than any other for our family. We laughed, played, disagreed and loved on each other. Priceless moments and conversations that can never be replicated.

Khaled, I know you will never see yourself as such, however we thank you for being our hero. With your calm demeanor yet strong spirit you are an incredible example of a true leader and exceed all of my prayers for the father of my children. The best part of knowing that you were especially chosen for us by God, is the knowledge that nothing could ever break the bonds of this love.