“Words cannot say enough! Your style, generosity and ability to take stunning contemporary photographs have truly blown us away! Right from the very offset you were exactly that we had been looking for: friendly, down-to-earth, spontaneous, talented and accommodating- who offered us individuality and everything and more than what we wanted. We love our albums! We look at them over and over- all the time! Every time we see the same picture we find something new to talk about.

Captured in the shots, you and Khaled have taken, are the very essence of everything that was so important to us those days -the laughs, smiles, fun, romance, friends, family, charm, enchantment, atmosphere, love -simply everything!

You’ve managed to seal it in a visual image that depicts our memories of those days that we will love and cherish, which will last us a lifetime! Mariana and Khaled, we cannot fully express our gratitude into words by what you have done for us. This email goes only a small way to giving you the full credit and admiration that you deserve and thanks that we want to convey to you. We love you both and anticipate your visit to California!”